About The Trailer

The Trailer, a project by The Bridge Club collaborative, is a mobile installation and touring series of live performance art works centered around and inside of a vintage camping trailer. The interior of the trailer has been transformed to more closely resemble a Victorian sitting room than a utilitarian camp, with alterations that include tufted velvet upholstery, custom woodworking and a crystal chandelier. This ornate interior contradicts a trailer’s mobility, reflecting conflicting notions of permanence and impermanence.

At each tour or performance location, audiences are invited to explore the trailer installation and interact with its objects while the four costumed members of The Bridge Club are engaged in a variety of performance activities.

At interactive community ‘archiving sessions’ and via this website, audiences are invited to share objects and stories in response to a changing series of questions related to place, memory and experience. Selections from this archive are incorporated into the installation and into future performance actions, and contributors are encouraged to follow online documentation of the project to see how their own contributions might emerge as the project evolves.

The Trailer embodies a search for what is distinct in our increasingly homogenous culture, while addressing our simultaneous and conflicting desires for adventure and security, experience and memory. The souvenirs and archive collected at each site refer to a desire to possess or preserve an experience of a place, while their assimilation into the trailer refers to our desire to make ‘home’ portable, no matter how impractical or ideological.

Each performance with The Trailer is distinct and tailored specifically to its location’s specific context, site and audience. This project aims to create a dialogue that is regionally specific and addresses broader issues of identity, home and displacement in the 21st century American landscape.